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Every one of us wants to know about our future. How will our life will be? Will we be healthy? Will we find a loved one? Confused! Which field we choose? Will we be successful? Not all of us have the time or the access to experienced and genuine Vedic Astrologers where we live. Make it easy pick up your phone and call, for astrological predictions from your own astrologer. Grahnakshatra.com is an online portal for astrological services providing the widest range of Spiritual and Divine services. Our services include online consultations and counseling. It is just a small step to find your solutions of your problems we will guide you in the right way with the SPIRITUAL/DIVINE POWERS of astrology.

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Astrologer Acharya Sooraj Maheshwari with over a decade of experience in Chart Analysis using Parashara, Lehiri and Jaimini Jyotish techniques, specializing in current period analysis using various Dasa Systems. “Acharya Sooraj Maheshwari” and his team has deep, precise analytical and predictive skills and provides very accurate predictions.


Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND). Vaastu Shastra can be applied by keeping in harmony with these basic five elements of nature.

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We don't want to confuse you in astrological technical languages. That's why we directly discuss your problems online and solve your any query's instantly, by attempt our best suggesting-way for you to get the maximum benefits with the Spiritual/Divine powers of Astrology, Navgrah & Vastu.
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